Website Updates & Redesigns.

Unhappy with your current design/structure?

If your current website needs alterations, such as updates, additions, or aesthetic changes, consider a redesign. This process may involve changing the visual style, incorporating fresh features, transitioning to a new hosting service, or optimising for increased loading speed. It's an opportunity to enhance your site's overall performance and appeal.

Website Updates & Redesigns
Website Maintenance

WP Ability offers a range of solutions tailored to your needs and budget:

  • Bringing the look and feel of your existing site into the current generation by giving it a fresh new look
  • Upgrading your website to a content-managed system will make it easier for you to update your website as needed
  • Your customers will be able to benefit from a complete replacement with more and better functionality

Redesign your existing website.

I can redesign or upgrade your business website to increase the number of customers you attract and improve the user experience. Websites are your primary online marketing tool, so redesigning your website would be a smart investment.

Modern website redesigns go beyond simply changing the look and feel. There has been a rapid change in technology, design trends have changed, and technology is changing how websites are used, even things like community interaction are changing and affecting the look of websites.
Website Design and Development
WP Ability Update and Support

Here are five good reasons to upgrade.

Does your website support mobile devices?

With millions of people using smartphones and tablets to access the websites on their devices, every business cannot afford not to have a mobile-friendly website.

How hard is it to update?

Decide why this is the case if your answer is YES. Are you unable to update your website because you lack the time or knowledge?

Are search engines aware of your existence?

If you're virtually nowhere on search engines right now, it might be time for a new web site to help improve your search engine ranking and increase your traffic.

If you aren't meeting your target conversion rates or traffic, if your bounces are too high and your email subscribers too low, then perhaps the problem is the way your site looks.

Does it take a long time to load?

If your site loads slower than five to seven seconds, then visitors are less likely to stick around.

Is it working properly?

Does your website contain broken links? Are they missing images? Is the navigation slow? These questions should help you decide whether or not you need a new design.


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